mcef fellowship program faq

will i be paid for participating in this program?

Yes. Each Fellow will receive a $500 stipend over the course of the program. $100 payments will be issued at the end of each month beginning in July and ending in November.

how many hours a week will i be expected to work?

The time you put into this program will vary from week to week. Most of your research and writing will be conducted independently, but you will have to meet deadlines for written assignments. You will be invited to participate in other meetings and events throughout the program, but you will not have to attend all of them.

Do i have to work from the mcef office?

No. Most of your work will be conducted from the comfort of your own home. You will be expected to join some meetings which will be held in the House or Senate office buildings and our monthly Leadership Council meeting is held at our office, but you can also call in if you are unable to attend in person.

who will i be working with?

You will work closely with MCEF Program Administrator Joanna Lewis and our Young Professionals Outreach Coordinator, Chris Pawsat.