Gary Wolfram, Ph.D., director of economics at Hillsdale College, gives testimony before the Michigan House Energy Policy Committee regarding the need for structural separation of Michigan’s electric utility industry.

2017 Catalyst Conference Welcome Presentation featuring MCEF leadership and notes on what's to come!
2017 Catalyst Conference Panel "Charting Michigan's Energy Future" featuring moderator Jim MacInnes and panelists Marc Pauley, Tyson Grinstead, Michael Moody and Senator Tom Casperson.

Michigan Conservative Energy Forum Testimony to the Michigan House Energy Policy Committee on March 27,  2017.

Energy Security equals National Security

Larry Ward, MCEF Executive Director, and Ed Rivet, leadership council member, give testimony on the importance of having a renewable portfolio standard.

Senator Shirkey's kenote address at the Michigan Conservative Energy Forum Catalyst Conference 2018 on the topic of renewable energy
House Energy Policy Chair Representative Gary Glenn giving the keynote address at MCEF's 3rd Annual Catalyst Conference!
Larry Ward & Mark Huizenga testify on the importance of Energy Efficiency and why we need to maintain it as part of our future energy plan.

Using renewable energy such as solar power and electricity generated from landfill gas is better for the environment. It can be better for the bottom line, too. In this video Rob Threlkeld GM's manager of renewable energy, explains the financial benefit of renewable energy in use at one of our manufacturing plants in Michigan.